Shin Ye Eun Had Nightmare After Playing Young Version of Park Yeon Jin in ‘The Glory’

Shin Ye Eun is obsessed with the iconic hair-straightener scene in “The Glory”

Shin Ye Eun a rising star in the Korean entertainment industry, recently opened up about the challenges she faced while filming for the drama series ‘The Glory’.

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The actress revealed that filming for ‘The Glory’ was much harder than her recent project. Ye Eun confessed that even though she knew it was just acting, there were moments when she questioned what she was doing. In particular, she recalled a scene where she had to use a curling iron on her co-star, who was crying and screaming in agony. Ye Eun admitted that the intensity of the scene and the emotions involved made her think ‘What am I doing here?‘, leading to multiple retakes due to her mistakes.

Yeeun also admitted that the after-effects of such emotionally charged scenes did not end with the director’s cut. She revealed that she had nightmares after returning home and that she had become extremely sensitive to sound, requiring earplugs to get any restful sleep.


Despite the difficulties she faced, Shin Ye Eun remains grateful for the experience and acknowledges that the challenging scenes made her a better actor. She hopes that audiences will appreciate the dedication and hard work that goes into creating their favorite dramas, and that they will continue to support her and her fellow actors as they strive to bring their best performances to the screen.

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