Giselle (aespa) receives an uncommon compliment from her trainer during her workout session 

Her trainer complimented her for having a “high butt.” 

On March 17th, aespa’s official YouTube channel posted Giselle’s vlog of her routine workout at the gym. In the video, Giselle opened by saying, “I’m going to go to the place that truly makes me feel better with you. I’m going to the gym. But it’s not just a gym. I can go there to talk, drink protein, get a massage, take a look outside…

Later, Giselle arrived at the gym and changed into an athletic outfit. The trainer said, “You work out a lot even when you’re busy.” Giselle started exercising with a device that helped to warm her up and simulate stair-climbing activities. After the demanding warmup exercise, Giselle moved to another set of exercises, “Let’s move right on to the butt workout.” 

Durng the session together, the trainer gave an uncommon compliment to Giselle, “And I’ve never seen someone with butts this high.” When the trainer said that the idol should be thankful for her mother, Giselle wittingly responded, “It’s thanks to you.” 

Most recently, aespa held their first ever concert “SYNK : HYPER LINE” that showcased both individual and group performances. The group is also preparing for a comeback in May. 

Source: Nate

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