S.E.S. Bada on “Knowing Bros”, “Fans say NewJeans Minji resembles me… I listen to their music every day”

Bada, Sunye, and Soyul guested on the March 18th broadcast of JTBC’s entertainment program “Knowing Bros”.

As soon as she appeared, Bada said, “Ho Dong could have joined a double life club. I think I had many memories of that. I went to Bali 15 years ago. With Ho Dong. We went together for the filming of SBS’s program ‘Love Letter'”, recalling the past.

She continued, “I did my first bungee jump in Bali. Ho Dong tried to persuade me for 30 minutes, saying, ‘If you jump here, I’ll make a cool edit, and your life will change.’ But I didn’t dare to jump. That night, I was walking around the resort feeling regretful. While doing that, I heard water sounds”, adding “Something was floating towards me from the other side. I was so surprised because it was very big. Then it turned out to be Ho Dong floating on a big tube. When I saw that scene, there were Ho Dong and the moonlight. I suddenly had the feeling of blaming myself. I said sorry then Hodong looked at the big moon and said, ‘Bada ah, I like being on the tube like this’. He added, ‘I feel comfortable’”, drawing laughter.

S.E.S. Bada on “Knowing Bros”

S.E.S. debuted in 1997 and boasted tremendous popularity. Lee Jin Ho commented, “To explain how famous they were. I’m a man but I asked my parents to buy me S.E.S. clothes on Children’s Day. Even the bubble hairstyle suited them well. Honestly, I didn’t even buy Fin.K.L bread”. Sunye complimented Bada, saying “She’s very passionate and energetic. That’s why she doesn’t seem to age. When she appeared with straightened hair, I suddenly thought of NewJeans. I think they have a similar vibe.”

In response, Bada confessed, “It’s been 25 years since my debut”, adding “A fan told me that Minji has 80% of Eugene and 20% of Bada. That’s what our fans said. I heard they have a similar vibe to S.E.S. in their music videos. Although NewJeans’ music is much more sophisticated than that of our generation, I still listen to it every day.”

Source: Nate

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