The K-drama actor who is praised by Lee Byung Hun as an “acting genius” 

Top star Lee Byung Hun called this actor an “acting genius”.

Actor Kim Nam Hee is appearing in KBS 2TV’s new legal rom-com drama “The Law Cafe” led by Lee Seung Gi and Lee Se Young. Kim Nam Hee plays Park Woo Jin, a psychiatrist who looks somewhat weak. Kim Nam Hee is known for his supporting roles in popular dramas such as tvN’s “Goblin,” “Mr. Sunshine” and Netflix’s “Sweet Home.”

Kim Nam Hee, a graduate of the Department of Theater and Film at Seokyeong University, began his acting career in 2012 by starring in short films such as “The Trial” and “That Autumn.”

In 2013, he was cast in the lead role in the movie “An Ode To Youth”, through which he made his face known to a larger public. In 2016, he appeared in a minor role in the mega-hit drama “Goblin”, where he left a short but strong impression. 

After that, Kim Nam Hee made a brief but solid impression on SBS’s “Band of Sisters” and OCN’s “Tunnel.” He also joined the cast of tvN’s “Mr. Sunshine” after being offered an audition by director Lee Eung Bok, who also directed “Goblin”. 

In “Mr. Sunshine”, Kim Nam Hee had to play a Japanese character without knowing how to speak Japanese at all, so he immediately left for Japan to study the Japanese language, tone and behavior.

As a result of his dedication, when he first appeared in the drama, he became a hot topic of discussion among viewers with his pronunciation and accent that sounded like a real Japanese speaking Korean and English. “Mr. Sunshine” became a huge opportunity for more people to remember the name Kim Nam Hee. 

Lee Byung Hun, the lead actor of “Mr. Sunshine”, reportedly told Kim Nam Hee, “You will surprise the world” after watching Kim Nam Hee filming. 

Kim Nam Hee said, “With Lee Byung Hun’s help, I was able to achieve good results. He matched my lines with me even behind the camera. He asked me, ‘Are you satisfied with your acting just now?’ and if I would try again. He was a senior who helped me until I got satisfied with my performance.” 

Since then, Kim Nam Hee has emerged as a top-notch supporting actor through MBC’s “Spring Turns To Spring” and tvN’s “Search: WWW”.

In 2020, he once again received an offer from director Lee Eung Bok and took on the role of Jung Jae Heon in Netflix’s “Sweet Home”, the series that gained great popularity both domestically and internationally. Unlike his previous roles, Kim Nam Hee portrayed a righteous and good character in “Sweet Home” and stood out with his unique low-pitched tone.

After “Sweet Home”, Kim Nam Hee has been busy with MBC’s “On the Verge of Insanity” and tvN’s “High Class”. He recently finished filming for JTBC’s “The Youngest Son of a Conglomerate”.

Kim Nam Hee, who is filming “The Law Cafe”, said, “I’m having fun filming but the weather is hot, so the staff is having a hard time.”

He continued, “We are creating a heartwarming and lighthearted drama amid the growing number of exciting dramas with good chemistry between actors.”

Source: daum

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