Zhao Lusi criticized for making assistant kneel to put on shoes for her 

Chinese actress Zhao Lusi is receiving mixed reactions after allegedly “treating her assistant like a maid”. 

Recently, a video of Zhao Lusi sitting and talking while her assistant put on shoes and socks for her went viral on the Internet. As a result, the Chinese actress faced negative comments, with netizens accusing her of “treating the assistant like a maid” and “being bossy and arrogant” to the point of “being unable to do simple tasks”. 

After this video, a friend of Zhao Lusi stepped up to defend her, saying, “I want to know if there are any other people who were dead set on working despite suffering from a 40 degree fever and being covered in rashes. (Zhao Lusi) filmed from morning till night since she didn’t want to hinder the work progress.”

Zhao Lusi
A friend of Zhao Lusi wrote a scathing comment when the actress was criticized 

In addition, a netizen also wrote about how she asked Zhao Lusi to take care of a cat after its owner passed away. The same person also expressed their surprise when Zhao Lusi agreed with no hesitation. 

At the same time, many others defended the actress, claiming that Zhao Lusi was wearing historical garments, making it hard to change. However, some still pointed their fingers towards the actress, saying that all the positive comments and posts are “bought” to “erase” Zhao Lusi’s controversy. 

Zhao Lusi
Zhao Lusi
Before that, the image of Zhao Lusi and her female assistant was shared widely on the forum.

In the photo, it can be seen that Zhao Lusi was comfortably sitting on a chair, while her assistant was helping her put on her shoes. This image immediately sparked controversy on social network platforms. Most netizens criticized Zhao Lusi. Many people think that Zhao Lusi should wear shoes by herself.

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