YG released an announcement clip of BABY MONSTER, Yang Hyun-suk is speculated to resume his “original position” in YG 

Yang Hyun-suk, former general producer (CEO) of YG Entertainment, has returned.

YG released a “YG NEXT MOVEMENT” video on the 1st to officially launch the new girl group BABYMONSTER.

To introduce the new YG girl group, the clip included senior YG artists, including BLACKPINK Jennie and Lisa, Winner Kang Seung-yoon and Lee Seung-hoon, and AKMU, thought highly of BABYMONSTER.

In addition, Yang Hyun-suk’s appearance in the video also drew attention due to the various scandals he was previously wrapped up in. 

Yang Hyun-suk said, “You can think of them as the babies who have the genes of YG. They are also the first group to be introduced at the new office building. We are now able to introduce a team called BABYMONSTER,” he said, showing high expectations for the group.

baby monster

In addition, Yang Hyun-suk said, “Just like how they shocked me at monthly evaluations over the past four years, I really hope they become ‘Stars that will shock this world.’” He also prompted listeners and viewers to “evaluate what you see and hear” for themselves. 

On the 22nd of last month, the court acquitted Yang Hyun-suk and three other defendants, saying that there was a lack of direct evidence other than the inconsistent statements of A, a public interest reporter. After the trial, Yang Hyun-suk said, “I would like to express my respect and gratitude for the court ruling. Now I will do my best in my original position,” he said.

The phrase “original position” raised speculation that he may return as the YG CEO. Since then, the video, released on New Year’s Day, introduced Yang Hyun-suk as a “YG general producer” through subtitles, adding evidence to believe he is resuming his position. 

yang hyun suk

Yang Hyun-suk left YG with his younger brother Yang Min-suk in June 2019 after various controversies such as the Seungri’s Burning Sun scandal and the B.I drug allegations. Later, Yang Min-suk returned to management last year.

Yang Hyun-suk also announced his return after four years of resignation. On the first day of 2023, YG introduced BLACKPINK’s junior girl group Baby Monster. After being acquitted in the first trial, Yang Hyun-suk returned to launch a new group.

However, the trial is expected to continue. The prosecution has filed an appeal against the first trial’s ruling and is set to hold a second trial.

Source: Daum

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