Top 5 Kpop groups having no Daesang will surprise you, bad luck or incompetence?

While many people were surprised, for others, this was understandable when considering their era

Daesang is the highest award at awards ceremonies in Korea, which is reserved for only one or a few artists with outstanding achievements during the year. Receiving a Daesang is the dream of all artists since their debut, and is also a motivation for them to try harder during their career. In K-pop, only a handful of the top groups of each generation have ever had a chance to lift the Daesang trophy, and that can also be seen as an outstanding mark that proves the brilliance of their contribution to the K-pop industry.

Top 5 Kpop groups having no Daesang will surprise you, bad luck or incompetence?

But there is a fact that not everyone knows that, not all of the top Kpop groups have ever held the Daesang trophy at least once. There are a few special cases that even if they are extremely famous in their time or possess a series of cult hits that are remembered and sung by audiences of all generations, surprisingly, they still cannot get a Daesang even once. And the 5 top groups below are typical cases.


Known as the first female idol group in Kpop, S.E.S owns extremely popular songs and albums that are still chosen by many junior girl groups to cover. Thus, many people will be surprised to know that S.E.S has never received a Daesang during their active time.


Buzz is a band famous for their emotional rock ballads. Over 10 years of their career, Buzz has released many famous songs that are famous in a large number of Korean audiences of all ages, and also got high rankings on digital music websites. But even in the most splendid period, Buzz has never won a Daesang, only being nominated.


Before getting involved in the bullying scandal that caused the group’s career to plummet, T-Ara had such a glorious period that they were once considered SNSD’s rivals. The group’s familiar hits such as “Bo Peep Bo Peep”, “Roly Poly”,… are still loved by many people so far. But unfortunately, those songs have never brought T-ara the prestigious Daesang award at any music awards ceremony.



During their career, SISTAR was known as the “summer queen” of Kpop, and any song they released was warmly loved by the public. So, it’s hard to imagine that a Daesang trophy hasn’t come to SISTAR’s award collection before disbandment.


Since their debut so far, most of the songs that BLACKPINK have released have had impressive rankings on both domestic and international charts. Their album sales and MV views also continuously break the records among female idols in particular and among idol groups in general. However, compared to popular girl groups of the same time like TWICE or Red Velvet, BLACKPINK has never been awarded the highest trophy.

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