Gen 4 Female Kpop idols who are basically non-existent in their groups due to lack of lines

Line distribution of 4th gen female Kpop groups have become a hot topic among netizens. 

Whenever their favorite group releases a new song, Kpop fans get pretty interested in line distribution, especially when it comes to 4th gen idols. While the screen time and singing time can always differ between members, troubles may arise if one has too few lines. 

aespa le sserafim
Kpop groups who are receiving mixed reactions for skewed line distributions. 

Below are some 4th gen female Kpop idols who are drawing attention for barely singing in their group’s songs

Eunchae (LE SSERAFIM) 

LE SSERAFIM was the latest Kpop group to debut under BTS’s agency HYBE Labels. However, their first song “FEARLESS” garnered quite negative attention as the group’s youngest member Eunchae, only got to sing for less than 5 seconds. Meanwhile, the total singing time of her groupmate Yunjin totaled to a whooping 31.2 second, which is 6 times more, causing suspicions of unfair treatment between members. 

Le Sserafim eunchae
Eunchae gets the least lines in LE SSERAFIM 
le sserafim line
The controversial line distribution of “FEARLESS”. 
Le Sserafim
With such few lines, Eunchae is barely visible within her 6-member group. 

After the scandal-filled Kim Garam, who was embroiled in school violence allegations, went on a hiatus, however, the audience became greatly pleased. In particular, the song and formation were fixed to give more spotlight to Eunchae, who delivered Garam’s chorus part perfectly. 

Le Sserafim
Netizens find the 5-member lineup of LE SSERAFIM to be more pleasant. 

Shuhua ((G)-IDLE)

A similar situation also applies to (G)-IDLE Shuhua, who becomes the talk of town after every comeback of her group. In “HWAA”, Shuhua only sang for 3.9 seconds, so little that people even questioned if the female idol could even sing. Meanwhile, fans demand for Shuhua to get her right-fully deserved line, and were somewhat granted this when Soojin left the group following her school bullying controversies. 

Shuhua boasts spectacular visuals but had no presence within G-(IDLE) due to lack of lines. 
shuhua line
The idol sang for a meager 3.9 second in “HWAA”
This was “fixed” after Soojin left the group

Jiwoo (Nmixx) 

Despite being the leader of rookie girl group Nmixx, Jiwoo barely gets to sing and is being criticized for her physique, which drew pity from fans. Many, however, believe that Jiwoo will get a transformation in the future, and shows her true ability. 

jiwoo nmixx
Jiwoo is criticized for looking “not thin enough” compared to the rest of Nmixx. 
The idol also gets extremely few singing lines. 

Bahiyyih (Kep1er)

Coming from the Mnet survival show “Girls Planet 999”, Kep1er quickly made headlines after their debut. However, their first song “WA DA DA” caused mixed reaction across the net, seeing that Huening Bahiyyih, who came 2nd in the show, only had 8.69 seconds to sing. 

kep1er line
Huening Bahiyyih had the least line despite coming in 2nd in “Girls Planet 999” 
According to netizens, this is because of her lacking singing ability. 

Gaeul (IVE) 

Compared to other groups on the list, IVE has relatively more balanced line distributions. However, fans of the member Gaeul still voiced their dissatisfaction. According to them, Gaeul has all the talents, and would shine brighter had she got more lines. 

ive line
Gaeul only sang for half the time of other members in “Eleven”
ive gaeul 05012022 3
With her talents, fans believe Gaeul deserves more… 
ivelydothanhconglientuc7 7810
…and demand fair treatment among IVE members. 

Giselle (aespa)

To netizens, the case of aespa is extremely confusing, seeing that there are a lot of rap parts within the group’s songs. However, it’s always Karina who gets them instead of Giselle. As a result, people were quick to accuse SM Entertainment of ignoring Giselle in favor of Karina. Even now, when Giselle has improved leaps and bounds, the female idol is still lacking the attention she deserves. 

aespa line
Giselle needs to have more lines, said fans. 
aespa Giselle
Over time, the female idol has improved greatly. 

Amid all these complaints, however, there are still netizens who maintain that lines are divided based on each member’s ability and voice color. While it is still necessary to not completely ignore some idols, this doesn’t always mean unfair treatment, these people said. 

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