Eye-catching appearance, good dancing skills, and excellent vocal,… What are the elements that create a center of a K-pop group?

A center in a K-pop group usually is an all-rounder member who is excellent in all fields and also a fan-attracter of the group. Having only a gorgeous visual is not enough for an idol to carry the center position.

A center is a central position in a K-pop group, often in charge of catchy parts in a song. Therefore, that’s a position that every idol wants to take over. In survival shows, the audience can feel the intense desire of the trainees vying for this position. However, in addition to an outstanding appearance, this position requires many other factors.

SNSD Yoona
Yoona is known to be the pioneer of the center’s definition in K-pop groups. Photo: Twitter

Eye-catching and gorgeous appearance

An outstanding visual is the first element that an idol needs when becoming the center of a group because the member standing in that position is the one who gets the most attention. SM’s centers, typically Yoona (SNSD) – who opened the concept of center in the Kpop music industry, is well aware of that. Yoona’s natural beauty is the “magnet” that attracts many audiences in SNSD’s performances.

Yoona’s gorgeous visual in the center position
The center of f(x), Krystal. Photo: Twitter

Perfect body figure

Besides possessing a beautiful appearance, the second required element for an idol to take the center position is a perfect body proportion. A well-proportion body is a perfect tool for the center of the group to show off the group’s choreography in the best way. The cult centers of Kpop groups like Seolhyun (AOA), Naeun (APINK), Jungkook (BTS), and Kang Daniel… are typical examples of this fact.

Son Na-eun
Naeun has a perfect body.
Jungkook once made his fans stand still when showing off his toned body on stage.

Performance skills

Not all idols have good stage performance skills. Many idols sing well and dance well, but they can’t leave a deep impression on the public. Therefore, performance skills are an essential factor for idols who want to take the center position. Jennie (BLACKPINK) and Nayeon (TWICE) are good examples of their ability to light up the stage and attract viewers.

blackpink jennie
Jennie’s cool charisma is undisputed.
Nayeon is said to be the member that fits all of TWICE’s concepts

Amazing dancing skills

Compared to singing skills, good dancing is considered more important for a center. The center idols are also the ones in charge of the killing parts in the performance, that’s why an idol with flexible and charismatic dance moves will stand out. Many centers of famous groups possessing top dancing skills such as Kai (EXO), Taeyong (NCT), Ryujin (ITZY), HyunA (Former member of 4Minute)…

Kai possesses the ultimate dancing ability.
Taeyong – NCT’s center also makes people admire his dancing ability
Ugly outfits of Kpop idols
Ryujin is both beautiful and good at dancing, so she stands out in the center position.

High public recognition

The last factor that is extremely important to decide which member to take the center position is public recognition. In other words, the center is the most popular member in a group. Thanks to the popularity of those members, netizens began to pay attention to the group and learn about the group. Irene (RED VELVET) is a prime example of this. Thanks to her outstanding beauty, the female idol left a strong impression and made many viewers pay more attention to RED VELVET.

red velvet irene
Irene is a clear example of the need for a center to have a high level of public recognition.
Jang Won-young
Jang Wonyoung has owned a large fandom since she was an IZ*ONE member, so it is obvious that she takes the center position when re-debuting as IVE.

It’s not easy for idols to take on the center – the most important position in the group. But thanks to these strict criteria, the management companies can choose the right people for this position.

Source: Bestie

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