BTS’s V named in the TOP 3 most followed Asian male actors on Instagram

BTS’s V became one of the top 3 Asian actors who have the most followers on Instagram, showing off his extraordinary popularity.

As of June 4th (KST), V’s Instagram account surpassed 43 million followers, which is the highest record ever in Korea. It is a super-fast achievement as V made it in only six months since the opening of his personal account.


In addition, V also became the third most followed Asian actor in the world, following Indian Bollywood stars Akshay Kumar and Salman Khan.

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Akshay Kumar, the No.1 on the list of most followed Asian actors, has 62 million followers. He’s an Indian top star who ranked 4th in Forbes’s “2019 Highest paid entertainers in the world” and 6th in “2020 Best guarantee male actors in the world”

No.2 Salman Khan has 52 million followers and is called one of the “Three Great Bollywood Khan” along with Shah Rukh Khan and Aamir Khan. He is also the main character in Bollywood’s second most successful box office movie.

V made his acting debut with KBS’s drama “Hwarang” in 2016. Since BTS became a global idol group, fans have not had any chance to meet actor Kim Tae-hyung due to his busy schedules, such as overseas tours.

Regarding his goal of getting recognized as an actor he said 3 years ago, V said, “Many opportunities came to me but my group’s success must come first”, explaining the disappointing situation.


V recently posted photos of himself when playing Han-seong on the filming set of the drama “Hwarang” on Instagram as a gift for fans, at the same time expressing his longing for actor Kim Tae-hyung.

On Instagram, the SNS media site that MZ Generation loves using the most and where you can measure the social power of celebrities around the world, V’s influence is already the No.1 in Korea and also on the world’s top list together with many foreign artists.


V is the fastest person in the world to reach the milestones of 1 million followers and 10 million followers, which has officially been certified by Guinness World Records. In addition, he also recorded the most “likes” in Asia. V is the only Asian celebrity to enter the “Top 20 most-liked Instagram posts” at No.18.

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V’s account was evaluated as having the best social-economic value, surpassing the accounts of global stars, such as Ronaldo, Messi, etc. 

According to the social media auditor company Speakrj, the estimated cost of sponsored posts on V’s Instagram account is up to $792,000 (988 million won) as of June 3rd, which is the No.1 in the world. 

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