Netizens are looking forward to Lee Byung-hun X Kim Hye-ja X Ko Doo-sim’s legendary acting in the remaining episodes of “Our Blues”

Viewers can’t wait to see the synergy between the acting masters Lee Byung-hun, Kim Hye-ja, and Ko Doo-sim.

tvN’s Saturday-Sunday drama “Our Blues” (scripted by Noh Hee-kyung/directed by Kim Kyu-tae, Kim Yang-hee, Lee Jung-mook/planned by Studio Dragon/produced by G-Tist) is showing a solid flow. “Our Blues,” which broke its own highest ratings by recording an average of 12.6% and a maximum of 14.2% in the Seoul metropolitan area (provided by paid platforms/Nielsen Korea) in the 16th episode, will stir up the empathy of viewers once again with a stormy story in the remaining episodes.

Above all, the remaining four episodes will have Lee Byung-hun, Kim Hye-ja, and Ko Doo-sim as the main characters. Expectations are rising as these three actors’ acting performances are already verified by their names alone. On June 4th, the episode of “Chun-hee and Eun-ki 2” by Ko Doo-sim (playing Hyun Chun-hee) will begin, and from June 5th, the episode of “Ok-dong and Dong-seok 1” will begin, which is full of love and hate stories of Lee Byung-hun (playing Kang Ok-dong).

Our Blues

The episode of “Chun-hee and Eun-ki 2” drew attention as it has the story of Hyun Chun-hee, who is in danger of losing even her only remaining son. Hyun Chun-hee is a character who has lived calmly through the hardships of losing her husband and three children. Hyun Chun-hee’s feelings explode when she finds out that her last remaining son is unconscious. Ko Doo-sim, who acted with her eyes, facial expressions, and steps that captured her whole life’s experience, will immerse viewers by portraying a Hyun Chun-hee who is shaken and sick by the waves of life that hit her once again.

The story of Lee Dong-seok and Kang Ok-dong’s mother-son relationship, who have accumulated hints about their stories since the beginning of the drama, finally begins. The drama raises questions about the hidden narratives of Lee Dong-seok and Kang Ok-dong, who only see each other as strangers now. Currently, Kang Ok-dong refuses treatment for her terminal cancer and is living the remaining days of her life. Lee Dong-seok does not call Kang Ok-dong his mother, who hurt him when he was young, but still lives in resentment. The last story unfolds as sparks fly again in the relationship between the mother and her son.

Attention is focused on Lee Byung-hun and Kim Hye-ja‘s acting chemistry, which will show a mother-and-son chemistry that has never been seen anywhere. Earlier, the two actors left an impact with their breathtaking acting whenever they encountered each other at the five-day market. Lee Byung-hun poured out his anger and Kim Hye-ja just took it without saying anything. They conveyed their characters and relationships even through very short scenes, making viewers curious about the story of a mother and her son who lives like strangers. Expectations are bound to be high for the episode of “Ok-dong and Dong-seok 1,” and the performance of the two actors who will show off their acting skills in it.

“Our Blues” airs every Saturday and Sunday at 9:10 p.m. The 17th episode of “Chun-hee and Eun-ki 2” will be available on Jun 4th, and the 18th episode of “Ok-dong and Dong-seok 1” will be available on Jun 5th.

Source: Daum

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