How can “Little Women” receive such enthusiastic reactions after airing only 2 episodes?

Two episodes are enough to make people compliment “Little Women” as an amazing production.

Viewers’ responses to tvN’s Sat-Sun drama “Little Women” (scripted by Chung Seo-kyung/ directed by Kim Hee-won), which aired its first episode on September 3rd, are explosive. The drama’s viewer rating soared to reach 8.5% in Seoul area with a real-time peak of 9.9%. As a result, “Little Women” ranked No.1 among dramas of the same broadcasting time on all channels. 

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On September 7th, drama fans pointed out three interesting points about “Little Women”, which announced the birth of a new well-made drama by boasting an unbelievable rise in popularity after only two episodes.

#The synergy of a veteran production team

Screenwriter Chung Seo-kyung’s magic continued to shine this time. Due to the development that overturned the flow of the drama in an instant and exceeded the expectations, various relationships of the characters got intertwined and that maximized the viewers’ immersion in the story. The way director Kim Hee-won completed the strong narrative with his “mise en scène” was overwhelming. The eye-catching visuals of the scenes received many compliments, proving the director’s true value as a “hitmaker” once again. 

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The perfect harmony of such an experienced production team was also on a different level. Art director Ryu Sung-hee recreated the unique atmosphere of “Little Women” through various objects. Music director Park Se-joon also drew praises from the audience by showing great synergy with director Kim Hee-won, whom he has worked with for a long time. Above all, camera director Park Jang-hyuk, who has been actively participating in creating productions of different genres, such as “WATCHER”, “The Crowned Clown”, “Our Blues”, etc., added strength and color to the story.

#The combination of actors with solid acting skills

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The chemistry between Kim Go-eun, Nam Ji-hyun, and Park Ji-hoo, who play the three sisters, quickly made the viewers immersed in the drama. Kim Go-eun sometimes acted like an innocent girl but at some moments, she led the story with her excellent speed control as a reliable eldest daughter. Nam Ji-hyun turned into a reporter who has both a cool personality and a warm sensibility. Meanwhile, Park Ji-hoo appeared as the youngest sister whose eyes look bolder than her calm expression, making everyone look forward to her performance in the next episodes. In addition, Wi Ha-joon doubled his charm by solving the mysterious character CHoi Do-il convincingly. The “most powerful” couple played by Um Ji-won and Um Ki-joon also increased the tension of the drama. 

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The performances of the splendid cameos were also remarkable. Choo Ja-hyun appeared and left a huge mystery with 2 billion won that will change the life of Oh In-joo (Kim Go-eun). Oh Jung-se became a strong villain who held the key to an unexpected plot twist. Park Ji-young, who showed herself as the mother of three sisters, announced the start of the story, while Song Joong-ki left a strong impression on the audience despite his short screen time. The brilliant acting performances of the actors, who perfectly transformed into their characters, made “Little Women” become more interesting. 

#Mysteries swirling in unpredictable developments

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Director Kim Hee-won was not wrong when he said, “After reading the ending of the first episode, I felt like I couldn’t help but decide to film this scene”. Oh In-joo was sunk in the “lowest and darkest place” with poverty, pain, and confusion that seemed to have no escape. The appearance of a huge amount of money that sent her to a new space with lights at once announced a thrilling turning point, attracting the viewers’ attention from the first episode. 

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The ending of episode 2 was also intense. The fact that Shin Hyun-min (Oh Jung-se), who was believed to be the culprit who killed Jin Hwa-young (Choo Ja-hyun), was involved in an accident that seems to have been manipulated. In particular, his words, “There’s someone higher than me”, stimulated curiosity for more unexpected developments in the story. The mystery that was raised from the unimaginable ending scene in every broadcast made the viewers have no choice but to wait and watch the next episode. All the evidence of Jin Hwa-young’s suicide manipulation found by Oh In-joo was reset, and Oh In-kyung (Nam Ji-hyun) also reached a dead end while discovering the suspicions of Park Jae-sang (Um Ki-joon) with the death of the informant. Meanwhile, the youngest sister Oh In-hye (Park Ji-hoo) was in charge of creating a masterpiece for Park Hyo-rin (Jeon Chae-eun) and appeared in the eyes of the powerful family. The three sisters are heading for unknown destinations holding their own compass. Attention is focused on what unpredictable developments will happen when they gather together. 

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