“Little Women” Choo Ja-hyun surprised viewers with her “second personality”, rating rose to 9.9%

“Little Women” shocked with another twist ending. The ratings also continued to rise to a maximum of 9.9% in just two episodes.

In the second episode of tvN’s Saturday and Sunday drama “Little Women” (directed by Kim Hee-won, scripted by Jung Seo-kyung, and produced by Studio Dragon), Oh In-joo (Kim Go-eun) and Oh In-kyung (Nam Ji-hyun) were looking for the truth. All the characters of this series, who did what they do for their own purposes and desires, are unexpected variables. On the same day, the show ranked first in the same time slot, including cables and general dramas, with a nationwide average of 8.5% and 9.9% at the highest minute, and an average of 7.7%, and a highest of 9.0% based on households in the Seoul metropolitan area.

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Oh In-joo, who confirmed the 2 billion won left by Jin Hwa-young on the day, suspected that her death might not be a suicide. In order to find an answer to this, Oh In-joo said she would visit Shin Hyun-min and Choi Do-il (Wi Ha-joon) on her own to help find the secret funds. Their starting point was the house of Jin Hwa-young, but what Oh In-ju found was not the humble accountant Jin Hwa-young, but her extravagant “second personality”. The secondary character in question is based in Singapore and has been recording her luxurious daily life on a secret SNS account.

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The more Oh In-joo digs into the other side of Jin Hwa-young, the more she suspects that her affair with Shin Hyun-min may be true. Oh In-joo collected traces of Shin Hyun-min in Jin’s SNS account and delivered them to Choi Do-il. Seeing this, Choi Do-il revealed that it was Shin Hyun-min’s assignment to go to Switzerland, but suddenly Jin Hwa-young went instead. And it has been in the circumstances so far that Jin Hwa-young transferred 70 billion won there before being found as a dead body after returning to Korea. The two agreed that this unnatural flow may all be Shin Hyun-min’s plan. The plot development has also revealed some new information. Shin Hyun-min was unable to go to Europe because he was banned from leaving the country for gambling, and the one who reported him was none other than Jin Hwa-young.

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On top of that, Oh In-ju found the name “Yang Hyang-sook,” who died in the same pattern as Jin Hwa-young, in the text records of the two. To bring an economically vulnerable and narrow-minded employee into embezzlement, and then, in due course, lay all the blame on them to make them commit suicide is what Choi Do-il called Shin Hyun-min’s “method.” In response, Oh In-ju persuaded him to report, but Choi Do-il opposed it because he could not find 70 billion won if the police intervened.

Oh In-ju was surprised by Choi Do-il’s different attitude, but on the other hand, she was in conflict. If she asks quietly like this, she could save the 2 billion she has now. However, Oh In-ju eventually headed back to Shin Hyun-min, who was pointed out by all the clues she has. Oh In-ju asked, “Is it my turn next?” but Shin remained calm. Following the story that Jin Hwa-young participated in the embezzlement on her own, Shin Hyun-min said, “Jin Hwa-young didn’t know. There are really scary things in this world. Someone’s up there,” leaving only unknown remarks. The unexpected inside story was confusing Oh In-joo, and at that moment, the viewers faced a shocking sight. Shin Hyun-min’s car crashed outside the parking tower with a roar. Shin Hyun-min’s shocking accident in front of Oh In-ju’s eyes led to a shocking plot twist that confuses everyone, bringing the truth back to square one.

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Meanwhile, Oh In-kyung also continued her own coverage without giving in to the suspension order. Oh In-kyung decided to contact Kim Cheol-sung (Cha Yong-hak), the nephew of President Kim Dal-soo, who was defended by Park Jae-sang (Um Ki-jun) at the time of the Bobae Savings Bank incident. He was also the person who sent a tip-off to Oh In-kyung in connection with the suicide of Kim Dal-soo four years ago. However, Kim Chul-sung did not show up at their meeting place. Just before he went there, he got into a mysterious car accident. Oh In-kyung, who lost her direction due to the death of her informant Kim Chul-sung, faced another shock. She discovered that Park Hyo-rin (Jeon Chae-eun), who won the grand prize at an art competition, used her youngest baby sister Oh In-hye (Park Ji-hoo)’s work to join the competition. The dangerous relationship between Oh In-hye and Park Hyo-rin, the daughter of Park Jae-sang, finally revealed, further heightening the thrill.

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The truth beyond imagination keeps getting tangled and Shin Hyun-min’s accident reset all the evidence found by Oh In-ju. In the meantime, Shin Hyun-min’s meaningful remark that someone is “up there” implied that there is an unknown power that controls all of this. Oh In-kyung loses the direction of her investigation, and Oh In-hye is making a close move. How will these sisters, who are at the dead end, find a new way? Attention is focused on the next episode of “Little Women,” which have begun to pick up an even faster pace and more thrilling development.

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