Dancer Aiki and volleyball player Kim Yeon Koung did BLACKPINK’s Pink Venom challenge 

Aiki and Kim Yeon Koung dance to “Pink Venom” and netizens are loving it. 

On September 4, dancer and choreographer Aiki posted a video on her Instagram with the caption, “Why am I excited?”

In the released video, Aiki is doing the dance challenge for BLACKPINK’s latest song “Pink Venom”. As a veteran dancer, Aiki’s execution of “Pink Venom” choreography totally stands out.

After Aiki’s turn, top volleyball star Kim Yeon Koung appeared. Kim Yeon Koung caught the attention by showing off unexpected dance skills with her incredibly tall stature and long legs.

Netizens reacted enthusiastically to Aiki and Kim Yeon Koung’s “Pink Venom” challenge: 

  • Both are cute
  • Their height difference makes my heart flutter
  • Kim Yeon Koung’s dancing is cute
  • I really didn’t expect Kim Yeon Koung to come out behind Aiki 

Source: wikitree

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