“Good Job”, the sequel to “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”: No.1 in terms of ratings – make viewers angry with the cast’s acting skills

Although ENA’s “Good Job” is ranking first in terms of ratings among Wednesday-Thursday dramas, it is receiving mixed reviews.

Good Job” is an investigative drama about chaebol detective Eun Seon-woo (Jung Il-woo) and super-sighted Don Se-ra (Kwon Yu-ri). It drew attention early as a sequel to “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”, which ended with the highest viewership rating of 17.5%.

In addition, the main characters Jung Il-woo and Kwon Yu-ri are working together again following MBN’s “Bossam: Steal the Fate”. Attention was focused on whether they could continue to succeed with conventional drama after historical drama.

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Of course, there were also noises. About a month before the first broadcast, the director was suddenly replaced, causing controversy. Director Kang Min-gu took over the role of director Ryu Seung-jin, who was originally in charge of directing, raising suspicions of conflict with the cast. In response, the production team of “Good Job” explained, “Director Ryu Seung-jin will change his position to be a creator and work on the script to improve the overall quality of the work.” However, director Kang Min-gu was absent at the press conference due to filming and editing schedules.

Amid expectations and concerns, the first report card of “Good Job” was 2.3%. It is far lower than its previous work “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”, but tvN’s “Adamas” and KBS2’s “If You Wish Upon Me” both recorded the 2% range, so it was not a bad figure for a Wednesday-Thursday drama. On top of that, episode 4 rose to 3.2% and topped the list of Wednesday-Thursday dramas, beating works starring prominent actors such as Ji Sung and Ji Chang-wook.

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However, despite the rising trend, the work is receiving mixed reviews. The biggest problem is the poor probability of its story that is far from reality. It came as a very childish setting for the chairman of a chaebol group to dress up as a detective and a lawyer to act as a hacker. Although she was born with super vision, the typical candy-like female lead character was also difficult to empathize with. The forced development also seemed childish rather than pleasant.

Controversy over the cast’s acting skills also arose as the work creaked. Yuri, who received favorable reviews for her stable tone and vocalization although “Bossam: Steal the Fate” is her first historical drama, got negative reviews that her acting skills are disappointing in this work. The same goes for Jung Il-woo. The character Eun Seon-woo with exaggerated behaviors and tone does not seem to fit him.

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The strength of “Good Job” is that it is the only work that mainly consists of comic elements among Wednesday-Thursday dramas, so it is comfortable to watch. Compared to “Adamas”, which has a complicated story structure, or “If You Wish Upon Me”, which illuminates the lives of time-limited people, it has a more pleasant atmosphere. However, the title “No.1 in terms of ratings” in the sluggish Wednesday-Thursday drama report card is also disturbing. All three works are in the 2~3% range, which can be overturned at any time.

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Although it started with the halo of “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”, it remains to be seen whether “Good Job”, which has to go alone now, will be able to maintain the top spot among Wednesday-Thursday dramas or show a way to overcome the lack of probability.

Source: naver

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