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SBS replaced Jessi in a show without informing her, leaving netizens enraged

Jessi herself expressed shock over being replaced on “Showterview”

Recently, the Korean broadcasting station SBS announced that solo artist and former Wonder Girls member Sunmi will become the new MC for “Showterview”, replacing famous rapper Jessie. The show has long been attached with Jessie’s carefree and comfy image, which often entails hilarious interactions between her and attending guests.


In April, however, Jessie announced a temporary leave from the show. The rapper also promised that she’d return with a stronger and better version of herself, leading to fans hold high anticipations.

However, SBS suddenly announced a new host, causing netizens to be disappointed at Jessie’s departure. They then left various comments under Jessi’s latest Instagram post, to which Jessi revealed she also had no idea about the replacement. 


Apparently, this means Jessi was kicked out of the show without any notification, causing fans and netizens alike to be enraged at SBS’s unprofessional manner. The situation also makes both Jessi and Sunmi awkward, despite neither of the artists doing anything wrong.


As of the moment, SBS still remains silent about this incident.

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