A bride danced to the viral ‘blow confetti’ part of Red Velvet’s Joy while walking down the aisle 

Joy’s viral part in Red Velvet’s “Feel My Rhythm” made it to weddings. 

A video of a Korean bride dancing to the viral “blow the confetti, let off more fireworks” part of Red Velvet’s Joy in the song “Feel My Rhythm” was recently posted on TikTok and gained much attention. While walking down the aisle with her father, the bride stopped for a bit and started dancing cutely to this iconic line of Joy while smiling happily. 


#신부입장레전드 가 되고싶었어요ㅋㅋ 도전입니다!!ㅋㅋ #신부입장 #레전드 될 수 있을까요?! ㅋㅋ #꽃가루를날려 #꽃가루를날려챌린지 22.04.24 #결혼식 💍 #추천 #fyp

♬ Feel My Rhythm – Red Velvet
A bride danced to Joy’s confetti and fireworks part 

What’s even cuter is how supportive the bride’s father was. He even threw the confetti for her, clapped his hands, and looked at his daughter affectionately on the big day of her life. 


It is known that this trend originated from Joy’s killing part in “Feel My Rhythm”. Thanks to the lovely, simple yet captivating moves, this choreography has created a craze around the world recently. Joy would probably cry if she saw the video of her fangirl dancing to this choreography on her wedding day!

In the comment section, the majority of netizens left their wishes for the fangirl:

  • Cute and gentle wedding, lovely bride too!
  • I want to do this trend at my wedding
  • So cute
  • Joy would cry if she saw it!

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