Han Hyo Joo reveals concerns ahead of her 40s, “I’m getting older, but I haven’t experienced many things”

Actress Han Hyo Joo honestly confessed her concerns as she is about to turn 40.

On July 21st, actress Moon Sook uploaded on Youtube a video titled “With actress Han Hyo Joo | EP01”.

han hyo joo

The video shows Moon Sook traveling to Gangneung with Han Hyo Joo. She said, “When Hyo Joo met me for the first time, she was in her 20s. She has become much more mature now. Wouldn’t there be some kinds of problems that can arise from this?”

In response, Han Hyo Joo said, “I think it’s time I have more worries rather than problems. As I’m approaching my 40s, I find myself thinking about such things more often”, adding “I think I have many thoughts these days. I keep wondering about how I should live my life”.

han hyo joo

Moon Sook advised, “I believe there is no right or wrong choice, no matter what Hyo Joo decides. Perhaps that’s the greatest gift God has given us. Instead of deciding for us, God gave us the right to choose the life we want to live”, adding “It’s not about right or wrong. There are several paths, and neither of them is right or wrong. They’re just different.”

She continued, “I used to think I was choosing my life, but now I realize that this life chooses me. Life knows the path I should take. It’s like the flow of water. Sometimes, when I think I’m right, problems occur to lead me back to the right track”, adding “Life chose me so I was born. It shows me the paths, and I just follow that direction. There are paths where I’ll succeed no matter how much I fight, and there are things that won’t happen no matter what. So, I just appreciate it and move on. The right path will unfold on its own.”

han hyo joo

In addition, Han Hyo Joo confessed, “I hope I can live happily while enjoying life and feeling grateful for everything. It might sound a little luxurious, but I want to appreciate every little thing… It’s not about how others look at me, but the fact that I appreciate it is enough to make me happy.”

The actress continued, “Being an actor is difficult because you get chosen for it. You cannot always say that they want to keep doing it”, adding “I’ve worked so actively and busily in my 20s, and the time I spent on working was actually much more than the time I spent for my daily life. That’s one of my concerns right now. Now, it’s somewhat the opposite. It’s balanced now, but as I get older, I think it will naturally change.”

She emphasized, “I’m also worried about how I should enjoy my daily life when that time comes. I’m still clumsy in this aspect. I’m getting older, but I haven’t experienced many things”, adding “I’m trying to develop a hobby while living my life. I even do free diving and achieved level 3.”

Source: Nate

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