Kim Hye Soo drew empathy with SNS update, “Live like you’re in love with yourself”

Actress Kim Hye Soo’s recent update on Instagram resonated with many people. 

On April 30, actress Kim Hye Soo published a new Instagram post with quotes from Ernie J. Zelinski’s self-help book “Don’t Hurry, Be Happy”. The quotes said: “Live like you are in love with yourself. Pride is something only you can give yourself, not anyone else. Don’t mind what other people say or think about you, always be in love with yourself.” 

In response, many fans of the actress said they felt comforted by the quote, and that the expression really resonated with them. 


The quote becomes even more meaningful when you take into account Kim Hye Soo’s tough life, and see the actress’ path to self-love. 

Previously, Kim Hye Soo has blown fans away with her stunning performance in Netflix’s “Juvenile Delinquency”, a law series released back in January. 


Source: Sports Chosun

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