MONSTA X’s 5-member comeback: “Shownu’s absence is big, we need to work harder to fill the gap”

MONSTA X said they felt the vacancy of member Shownu who is serving in the military, but they did their best to prepare for this comeback.

On the morning of Nov 19th, MONSTA X held an online media showcase to commemorate the release of their new mini-album “No Limit. As MONSTA X‘s member Shownu began his military enlistment in July this year, the group will make a comeback as a five-member group this time.

Monsta X Shownu

Minhyuk said he can’t help but feel the gap Shownu has left, “I’ve already felt the gap from the beginning. Usually, Shownu will shout “2, 3” whenever we do our greetings. I’m temporarily doing it, but I feel that this is not ‘my clothes’. I hope the owner of ‘these clothes’ will return soon,” he said.

“I feel a lot of gaps in every part, but rather than trying not to feel this, I want to work harder to make up for the fact that we don’t have our full team here. I don’t think it’s possible to fill the gap just by adding more and trying harder. If we work hard until Shownu returns, the day when we can show you a good performance together will come,” he added.

Monsta X Shownu

Kihyun said, “Shownu filled our team with his performances and vocals, so the members had had to practice harder and tried to move more dynamically and diligently on stage.”

MONSTA X’s new mini-album “No Limit” will be released at 2 p.m. on the same day in Korean time, and at midnight in Eastern U.S. time.

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