BTS V discreetly revealed his relationship with Jennie (BLACKPINK) ahead of solo debut?

The latest image of V (BTS) quickly captures the attention of netizens.

Recently, on the morning of August 30th, V posted a selfie in front of a mirror. Immediately, observant netizens noticed that the location where V took the photo perfectly matched the leaked photo with Jennie from the beginning of 2022. This photo is currently being widely discussed on Chinese social media forums and has even become a top trending search.

bts v
bts v jennie

Lately, V has been releasing lead singles as part of his upcoming debut solo album titled “Layover,” which is set to officially launch on September 8th. Fans are excitedly decoding the hidden messages V embeds in his music. Notably, the MV for “Rainy Days” contains various details like baking, V’s cherished dog Yeontan, and daily hobbies that make netizens think of Jennie. Additionally, the yet-to-be-released song “For Us” includes the lyrics “I’ll give up everything for us,” signifying V’s desire to show his love for Jennie. The male idol also mentions California, coincidentally where Jennie also has a home.

bts v jennie
These two leading stars are unhesitant in holding hands in the heart of Paris. Jennie even independently posts photos wearing outfits she wore that day.

By following the couple, everyone understands that they have discreetly made public their romantic relationship. In the latest issue of Elle France, Jennie graced the cover, and her relationship with V was mentioned.

Source: k14

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