BTS Suga said he would join the military in his “Mixtape” 2 years ago

The demand for the special military service for idol group BTS has become a hotter potato every day.

Discussions have continued since the so-called “BTS Military Service Special Act,” which includes BTS‘s exemption from military enlistment, was proposed by the National Assembly. As a result, the track “What do you think?” in the mixtape “D-2” produced by Suga, a member of BTS, released in 2020, is being re-examined.

BTS Suga

In the lyrics of the song, Suga said, “Woo Woo I will figure it out and go to the army when the time comes.” The song contains his opinion on military service exemptions, which have been mentioned repeatedly since BTS topped the Billboard chart in 2019. In the song, Suga also showed unique and straightforward rapping through lyrics such as “I hope all the people who tried to put a spoon on while selling our names will shut up.”

BTS Suga

After seeing this, netizens expressed their opinions and sympathized with the lyrics of his song. If the “BTS Military Service Special Act” is passed, they will be able to return to the music industry after four weeks of basic military training. If it is not passed, BTS’s eldest member Jin will have to join the military at the end of this year.

BTS Suga

HYBE, BTS’s agency, urged, “We hope that the revision of the military service law pending in the National Assembly will be concluded as soon as possible.” BTS’s members announced that they had left the matters regarding military services to their company.

BTS Suga
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