After Tae Yang and Dae Sung left YG, where will BIGBANG go? Is “innocent” Yang Hyun Suk returning?

With only G-Dragon remaining in YG Entertainment among BIGBANG members, many are curious to see how BIGBANG will do in the future.

On Dec 26th, YG Entertainment announced that Tae Yang would leave YG, where he had been for 16 years, and move to THE BLACK LABEL, a YG affiliate. “This will not change the fact that he is still a family member of YG and a member of BIGBANG. As we know many people are waiting for BIGBANG’s group activities, we will make efforts to make this together.”


Member Dae Sung also decided to not renew his contract with YG Entertainment. Earlier, Seung Ri withdrew from the group due to the “Burning Sun” scandal and T.O.P also left YG in February as his contract expired. All members of BIGBANG are now scattered. BIGBANG’s future group activities are still unknown. For the time being, all members are expected to focus on their individual activities. G-Dragon is also reportedly discussing a solo contract with YG Entertainment.

Still Life

There are no other groups that can represent YG Entertainment as much as BIGBANG and BLACKPINK. YG Entertainment is now facing difficulties to build a boy group that can do good on music charts and album sales like how BIGBANG did back in their days.

Recently, Yang Hyun Suk, the former CEO of YG, was found not guilty on charges of covering up B.I’s drug case. He has been through a long trial after being accused by trainee A that he conciliated and threatened her not to reveal the drug charges against his agency artist B.I.

yang hyun suk

As Yang Hyun Suk is ruled as “not guilty,” there is a possibility that he will return to YG. Currently, YG is in a series of crises, with Bang Ye-dam, the main vocalist of Treasure, leaving the team, and the doubt regarding BIGBANG’s future group activities. Perhaps because of this situation, some think Yang Hyun Seok’s “return to YG” might give the agency its much-needed strength.

Source: Tenasia

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