YG Entertainment “G-Dragon’s exclusive contract has expired”

G-Dragon (GD)’s exclusive contract with YG Entertainment has expired.

On June 6th, an official from YG Entertainment told CBS No Cut News, “G-Dragon’s exclusive contract has expired, and we are cooperating through a separate contract for other activities such as advertising.


They added, “We plan to negotiate a new contract when G-Dragon resumes music activities. YG will spare no support for this.”

According to YG’s quarterly report uploaded by the Data Analysis, Retrieval and Transfer System on May 15th, G-Dragon’s name was not on the list of major contractors as of March 31st this year.

In April last year, T.O.P’s exclusive contract with YG ended. At the end of that year, Daesung’s contract expired, and Taeyang moved to YG’s affiliate The Black Label. At that time, YG said G-Dragon’s contract was “under discussion”.

Source: Nate

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