Kim Jae Joong mentions Girls’ Generation Yoona during trainee days, “She told me to not like her”

Kim Jae Joong revealed an anecdote with Girls’ Generation Yoona during their trainee days at SM Entertainment.

On August 31st, the YouTube channel “uhmg” uploaded a new episode for the content “Jaejoong and Friends” with the title “Junior singer from old company turns out to be a senior”. That day, Girls’ Generation Sooyoung showed up and shared various talks with Kim Jae Joong.

Before revealing her identity, Sooyoung gave a hint saying, “I’m beautiful and also fun”. Kim Jae Joong commented, “I’ve never seen anyone who’s pretty and funny at the same time. Pretty is pretty. Funny is funny. But there’s no one pretty and funny”.

Regarding Sooyoung’s first impression of Kim Jae Joong, she wrote, “Your eyes were big”. Reading that, he said, “The fact that she knows my original impression of having big eyes makes me think she knew me a long time ago. But there’s no one pretty and fun”.

Kim Jae Joong continued, “Nicole from KARA was fun. KARA Gyuri is also funny”. He also mentioned Girls’ Generation Yoona, saying, “I remember Yoona. Yoona is really fun”, adding “When we were trainees, when she got to know me a little, she told me, ‘Just in case, oppa. You shouldn’t like me or tell me your feelings about me’. She has so much self-esteem. I personally think that Yoona is too pretty. Those who look too pretty are not my preference”.

kim jae joong

When Sooyoung appeared, Kim Jae Joong exclaimed, “I can’t believe that Sooyoung is here”. In response, Sooyoung said, “I got a call saying ‘Senior Jae Joong is hosting a program to make friends’ and they want me to be here. I was so busy back then so I refused their request the first time. I couldn’t stop thinking about the offer and you were even in my dream. So I accepted the invitation. I watched your YouTube videos. Turns out you never engage in inviting guests. So I thought, ‘It wasn’t Jae Joong that wanted to see me.’ So I came here light-hearted”.

Source: Nate

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