Predominant age group and gender of NewJeans’ fans draw attention

Girl group NewJeans is going to hold their first fanmeeting, drawing attention to the demography of their fans.

It is recently revealed that NewJeans will be holding ”BUNNIES CAMP”, the girl group’s 1st fanmeeting, since debut. As a result, tickets have been sold out completely after a short while, proving NewJeans’ immense popularity.

However, most of the attention was not drawn to the sold out tickets, but rather the fan demographic of NewJeans, which is revealed through ticket sales. 


Accordingly, 53.1% of NewJeans fans who bought the fanmeeting tickets are adults in their 20s. People from 10 to 19 years old account for 22.1% of these fans, followed by 19% of fans being in their 30s.   

On the other hand, NewJeans’ fans, according to this fanmeeting sales, is predominantly male at 60.6%, whilst 39.4% are women. 

Overall, compared to other Gen 4 girl groups, NewJeans have much higher proportions of male fans. Their fans are also quite young and is predominantly in their 10s or 20s, 

Source: K Crush 

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