Wu Yi Fan lands 13 years in prison, Du Meizhu shares her journey and desire to help those in similar situations 

The girl spoke up with a conviction that “no crime is to be forgiven, even that of big stars.” 

On November 25th, Sina reported that the Beijing’s court in Chaoyang district sentenced Kris Wu (Wu Yi Fan) 13 years in prison for rape and gather a crowd for promiscuous activity. His victim and former lover Du Meizhu spoke up: “Finally the day has come. Justice came late but was served.”

kris wu

Du Meizhu is a central figure in the investigation of Kris Wu’s crimes. She was the first person to accuse him of predatory behaviors, broke down his front and started the investigation. Despite her bravery, the 2002-born college student was confronted with many difficulties coming from Wu’s fans, as revealed in a long post. Du Meizhu also cooperated with the police in the investigation for two months but could not reveal further detail to preserve the classification. 

“I am not the heroine that you praise. I am only a normal person with some ounce of bravery to speak up for the truth under pressure. During that period, I had multiple breakdowns and suicidal thoughts.  I was cyber-bullied by netizens numerous times,” said Du Meizhu. 

Du Meizhu
Du Meizhu was jabbed at by Wu Yi Fan’s fans for speaking the truth 

She also shared the onslaught from Kris Wu’s fans, calling her bad names such as “a liar, blackmailer, a toy, a sly girl”. 

She also admitted to being naive and trusted the lies of Wu’s representative. During the ongoing backlash against her, Du Meizhu had to stop her study in Beijing, gave up on her art program and abandoned her dream. She still feels self-conscious and afraid to socialize. However, she decided to stand to protect and help other girls in the same situations. 

Du Meizhu-Kris Wu

Previously, on July 2021, Du Meizhu accused Wu Yi Fan of tricking girls into casting for the main role for his MV to approach and sexually assault them. Du Meizhu was one of his victims who was raped when she was 17. Wu Yi Fan was later detained for investigation. 

In the process, the police identified from November to December, 2020, Wu Yi Fan took advantage of three women in drunken state without the ability to defend and assaulted them at his private home. Dated back to February 1st, 2018,  Wu Yi Fan and accomplices gathered and engaged in sexual activity with two other UTI women in his place. 

Source: k14

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