World-famous Korean visual artist Kim Jung Gi passed away on October 3rd

Acclaimed illustrator and cartoonist Kim Jung Gi has passed away at 47. 

At around 5:50 pm KST on October 5th, an announcement written in English, Korean, and Japanese was posted on Kim Jung Gi’s official social media accounts. The post was made by Kim, who is believed to be a family member or acquaintance of Kim Jung Gi. 

The post reads, “After finishing his last schedule in Europe, Jung Gi went to the airport to fly to New York, where he experienced chest pains and was taken to a nearby hospital for surgery, but sadly passed away.” This message appears to have been written on October 3rd. 

The second paragraph of the post reads, “After having done so much for us, you can now put down your brushes. Thank you Jung Gi.” 

Lastly, Kim Jung Gi’s e-mail address is included for anyone who wishes to send a note or a drawing to his family. 

Kim Jung Gi is an illustrator under Super Anime and debuted in 2001 with the KTF publication ‘Na’. He gained global fame for his drawings presented at the 2011 Bucheon International Comics Festival.

Source: wikitree

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