Kim So Eun “People still call me ‘Ga Eul’… It’s an honor to have a title”

Actress Kim So Eun talked about the modifier “Ga Eul” obtained through the drama “Boys Over Flowers”.

Kim So eun

Kim So Eun played the role of Chu Ga Eul in “Boys Over Flowers”. At that time, “Boys Over Flowers” caused a syndrome by recording the highest viewership rating of 32.9%. The indispensable modifier for Kim So Eun, who has been in her 17th year since her debut, is “Ga Eul”.

Kim So Eun smilingly said, “Ga Eul? Other actors feel uncomfortable being followed by modifiers, but I’m not uncomfortable at all. It’s an honor. I feel good. Just having a title is an honor, and I don’t think it’s bad. I’m grateful that there are Korean and foreign fans who still remember me.”

She added, “It’s true that you should expand your scope as an actor. I’m trying to do so. I’m trying to show various sides. There are still many things I can do, so I don’t feel impatient.”

Source: Daum

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