Top 20 shortest Korean actresses: Even include visual queens Song Hye Kyo and Son Ye Jin?

Son Ye Jin, Park Min Young, Song Hye Kyo, Kim Tae Hee, and many other Korean beauties are all included in the rankings for shortest Korean actresses.

Below are the Top 20 shortest Korean actresses in the acting industry:

20. Shin Se Kyung: The star of “Girl Who Sees Smells” is the tallest actress in this list, with a height of 166 cm. The actress debuted as a model, and so boasted a perfect physique and outstanding visuals. 

Shin Se Kyung

19. Hyeri (Girl’s Day): Idol-actress Hyeri, who became a star via the famous K-drama “Reply 1988”, shares the same height at 166 cm. 


18. Jung So Min: Jung So Min, who’s drawing attention with “Alchemy of Souls”, stands at 165 cm tall. 

jung so min

17. Yoon Eun Hye: The star of “Princess Hours” and “Coffee Prince” boasts a height of 165 cm. 

yoon eun hye

16. Lee Young Ae: Despite being among one of the shortest Korean actresses, Lee Young Ae is actually tall for someone born in the 70s. 

Lee Young Ae

15. Son Ye Jin: Standing at 165 cm, Son Ye Jin has the perfect height gap with her husband Hyun Bin, who is 185cm tall.

son ye jin

14. Lee Min Jung: Wife of famous actor Lee Byung Hun also shares a height of 165 cm.

Lee Min Jung

13. Kim Ji Won: Kim Ji Won, who recently made a deep impression in “My Liberation Notes”, is 164 cm tall.

Kim Ji Won

12. Park Min Young: 164 cm

Park Min Young

11. Goo Hye Sun: 163 cm

goo hye sun

10. Kim Tae Hee: With a height of 163 cm, Kim Tae Hee looked super small next to her husband Bi Rain.

kim tae hee

9. Nam Ji Hyun: 162 cm 

nam ji hyun

8. IU: Idol-actress IU boasts can sing notes super high, but the same can’t be said for her height, which is 161.8 cm.


7. Song Hye Kyo: While the actress’s official profile lists her height as 161cm, netizens believe that Song Hye Kyo is only 158 cm. After her divorce, Song Hye Kyo has lost a lot of weight, and her figure is still as astounding as ever.

Song Hye Kyo

6. Song Ha Yoon: 160 cm

Song Ha Yoon

5. Han Ji Min: Standing at 160 cm, Han Ji Min is one of the most “desirable” goddesses, as voted by Korean men

Han Ji-min

4. Park Hye Soo: 160 cm 

Park Hye Soo

3. Jang Nara: The new bride Jang Nara is 160cm tall. The actress has always been known for her forever youthful appearance that hasn’t aged a day since her 20s. 

Jang Nara

2. Kim Seul Gi: 158 cm

1. Park Bo Young: The first position, unsurprisingly, belongs to the star of “Strong Woman Do Bong Soon”, who stands at 158 cm. Born in 1990, the actress is often praised for her extremely young and cute visuals, alongside her small frame that ignites protective urges. 

Park Bo Young-Lee Kwang Soo

Source: K14

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