1.5 million people competed to buy NCT DREAM’s concert tickets 

There were so many people trying to buy tickets for NCT DREAM’s concert that the server shut down.

Recently, SM Entertainment commenced the ticking selling for NCT DREAM’s concert “THE DREAM SHOW 2: In A Dream” on the site Yes24. 

However, a fan described the sale as a “warzone”, sharing that she did not manage to secure any ticket. She also published a screenshot that shows herself in the waitlist with 600,544 other people, with a total wait time of over 166 hours. 

NCT Dream

In addition, the aforementioned fan shared that she purchased NCT DREAM’s fanclub membership so that she can access ticket pre-sales, only to not receive this benefit. Yes24 even crashed out due to too heavy traffic at the same time. 

As a result, Yes24 had to issue an apology to NCT fans, sharing that their server couldn’t keep up with the demand. According to the site, over 1.5 million users simultaneously tried to buy tickets at 8 p.m June 29th (KST), causing the lag. 

NCT Dream

From June 29th to 31st, NCT DREAM is scheduled to perform for 3 nights at Gocheok Sky Dome, Seoul, as part of their Dream Tour “THE DREAM SHOW 2”. 

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