Sulli’s best friend, Kim Sun A opened an Instagram account for Sulli’s pet

Actress Kim Sun A, who adopted Sulli’s cat, has recently opened an Instagram account for Goblin (the cat’s name).

kim seon ah

On September 1, Kim Sun A opened an Instagram account for Sulli’s cat, Goblin, and named the account “choi_goblin”. Kim Sun A explained, “I want to share my daily life and my thoughts with Goblin as if this channel is my second personality. It’s not because I’m bored, but our Goblin is really lovely, so I want everybody to see her and feel a little healing together.”

kim seon ah

choi_goblin” is the account where the actress shares many moments of Goblin’s daily life. Kim Sun A also expressed how Goblin missed Sulli a lot through this account: “I and sister Sun A miss my mom a lot these days. And to the people who think this is a must, I want to say that there is no such thing as ‘must’ here”

Many Internet users left their comments: “I want to comfort both of you”, “Sun A sister, I really love Beulin (Goblin’s name in a cute way)”, “She’s so cute”,…

Kim Sun A became Sulli’s close friend after they acted together in the movie “Real”. After Sulli’s death, Sun A adopted Sulli’s cat, Goblin.

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