Why Nayeon deserves to be the first of TWICE to go solo after seven years?

Na Yeon (TWICE) is the first member of TWICE to debut as a soloist.

On May 24, JYP Entertainment revealed the cover photo for IM NAYEON, Na Yeon‘s first solo album. In the photo, the female singer wears a yellow dress and poses on a light blue background, thereby showing her signature fresh and attractive features. After 7 years of debut, Na Yeon became the first member of TWICE to release a solo album. The album is expected to be announced on June 24.

TWICE Nayeon

Na Yeon’s real name is Im Na Yeon, born in 1995. When she was still a kid, she participated in a child model contest and was selected by JYP Entertainment. However, Na Yeon’s mother did not allow her join the company because she was too young at that time. In September 2010, the female singer secretly participated in JYP’s 7th Open Audition and passed.


Before her official debut, Na Yeon had the opportunity to participate in a number of TV commercials and MVs such as No Love (Jun K), Girls Girls Girls (GOT7) and Only You (Miss A). She also appeared as a cameo in the second episode of the TV series Dream High 2 in 2012.


In 2015, she participated in the survival show Sixteen and won the opportunity to debut with TWICE. Thanks to her sweet and pure appearance, especially her bunny teeth and chubby face, Na Yeon is considered as one of the most outstanding contestants at Sixteen. The female singer also plays an important role in TWICE. She is often given the opening or central part of the song.


In a survey on Daum Cafe with more than 10,000 participants, 89% of respondents said that Na Yeon is the first member they think of when it comes to TWICE. The female singer also entered the list of outstanding idols in Korea in Gallup’s 2017 and 2018 annual polls.


Besides her outstanding performance skills, Na Yeon also brought positive energy to people around her. She shared with Cosmopolitan: “For a long time, I always tried to shake off feelings like sadness, exhausted as quickly as possible. I think these kinds of emotions are natural, and I tend to actively think.”


Na Yeon is always trying to improve her performance skills. She said, “As long as I’m a singer, I don’t think I’ll be satisfied with my singing or dancing skills. I always feel it. Whenever I practice, I want to get better”.


Beautiful, positive, talented and hardworking, Na Yeon is definitely TWICE’s top fan-attractor. And it’s not surprising that she is the first of the group to make a solo debut because she is fully capable of succeeding, not only as a TWICE member but also as a solo artist.


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