Why do BLACKPINK solos rank behind TWICE Nayeon on Billboard 200, despite their massive successes?

Despite three BLACKPINK members achieving huge successes with their solo debuts, TWICE Nayeon is the first Kpop female soloist to enter the top 10 of Billboard 200.

After 7 years of activities, Nayeon became the first TWICE member to make her solo debut, having released her MV for title song “POP!” and her first solo album “IM NAYEON” on June 24th. The debut has so far managed some notable achievements both in and outside the country, with Nayeon album landing in the Top 10 of the Billboard 200 Chart.

TWICE Nayeon
Nayeon set a new record with her solo album “IM NAYEON”

With this achievement, Nayeon became the first Kpop female soloist to ever make it to the Top 10 of Billboard 200, landing in 7th place with 57,000 album units sold. This is a remarkable number for Nayeon in particular and for Kpop solo acts in general, showing the world-wide popularity of TWICE in the U.S

BLACKPINK is well-recognized as a world-famous group.

As BLACKPINK has always been considered the most popular Kpop girl group on the international grounds, Nayeon’s record, which surpassed the solo debuts of BLACKPINK members, has surprised a lot of people. Netizens as such, started to discuss the reason behind Nayeon’s success.

Jennie is still the Kpop female soloist with the most-viewed solo MV

Previously, BLACKPINK Jennie, Rosé, and Lisa, all made their respective solo debuts with astounding successes. All of these members reported an extremely high number of views on their solo MVs. 

Lisa achieved great successes with her mini album “LALISA”
Rosé released 2 solo MVs “On The Ground” and “Gone”

However, BLACKPINK in general released too few musical products, with only one full album released back in 2020. Meanwhile, regarding solo activities, Jennie has only released the song “SOLO”, while Rosé and Lisa were not much better. 

TWICE Nayeon
Meanwhile, Nayeon dropped 7 songs in a row with her solo debut 

As a result, despite fans of BLACKPINK streaming YouTube and other platforms, the lack of songs made it hard for BLACKPINK and their members to enter the Top 10 of Billboard 200, especially as Billboard doesn’t count albums with only 1-2 tracks. 

Meanwhile, with her first solo album “IM NAYEON”, TWICE Nayeon now owns 7 solo songs. Fans of BLACKPINK even joked that their favorite will take 3 years to release that many songs. 

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