BTS Jin’s surprise present to fans on White Day while in the military

On March 14th, BTS’s Youtube channel “BANGTANTV” surprised ARMYs as they uploaded a video titled “[Seokjin of n month] Message from Jin: Mar 2023”.

Jin appears in the video with long hair, instead of his current short hair. In fact, this is the third video message he prepared for fans in advance while working in Argentina last year before enlisting.

In the video, Jin said, “I’m here for March as well. Don’t tell me you guys have been crying because you guys missed me!”.

He continued, “I know you guys haven’t but I just want to say something like this. Do you guys know what’s in March? It’s White Day. Since it’s White Day, I wanted to give you guys a lollipop so here I am.”

Jin showed his purple lollipop, making fans smile with his sweet White Day gift.

BTS Jin thumbnail

He added, “Right now, I’m here in Argentina to perform with Coldplay. I don’t have any work today, but it’s my wish to always show you guys the good and pretty side of me so I’ve gotten my hair and makeup done just a little bit.”

On the other hand, Jin enlisted on December 13th, 2022. He is currently serving as an assistant in the 5th Division of the training center and will get discharged on June 12th, 2024.

Source: Insight

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