Ha Yoon Kyung reveals what happens in the group chat of “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” cast

Who are the most and least active in the group chat of “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” cast? 

On September 6th, on the YouTube channel of the magazine 1st Look, a new video titled, “Balance Game with Spring sunshine Ha Yoon Kyung! Kwon Tactician vs Tae Soomi, Spring Sunshine’s choice is?” was posted. 

In the video, “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” actress Ha Yoon Kyung talked about various things while playing a balance game.

Ha Yoon Kyung revealed she prefers text messages to phone calls. She said, “It seems that I have a phone phobia. It makes me feel more comfortable calling after texting first.”

When asked, “Who is the actor you text the most and receive the most texts from these days?”, Ha Yoon Kyung mentioned the KakaoTalk group chat of “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” cast. Ha Yoon Kyung said, “We talk every day there. Everyone is close and we share our news as soon as we hear them. We make jokes too.”

She went on to reveal, “The person who usually starts conversations is Kang Ki Young. Those who respond the most are me and Joo Jong Hyuk. Park Eun Bin didn’t talk much in the beginning, but now she has opened her heart to us and talks a lot. The person who responds late is Kang Tae Oh. He rarely replies. I say funny things or send funny pictures from time to time. It doesn’t seem like he doesn’t read them. He replies to them sometimes.”

Source: wikitree

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