BTS V ranked 3rd place in the Star Ranking among male idols, proving his popularity as the “global handsome man”

BTS V came in 3rd place in the male idol category of Star Ranking’s vote.

According to the result of the Star Ranking’s 16th vote for male idols held from 3:01 P.M on February 10th to 3 P.M on February 17th, V appeared in 3rd place with a total of 8,589 votes.

Star Ranking BTS V

V has consistently ranked at the top of this chart for several weeks and showed off his charm as the ‘global handsome idol’.

Star Ranking BTS V

Along with V, Jimin (36,412 votes) and Jin (19,403 votes) dominated the TOP 3, proving the hot popularity of BTS.

V was followed by No.4 NCT Yuta and No.5 BTS Jungkook with 4119 votes and 2007 votes, respectively.

Star Ranking is a ranking survey in which fans directly vote for their favorite stars to determine their rankings. Various benefits are provided to stars according to their rankings when the voting result is revealed.

Star who ranks No.1 for 4 consecutive weeks will be featured on outdoor electronic display advertisements. Fans of the star who achieves No.1 for 4 weeks in a row can also support the ads project. 

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