‘Street Woman Fighter’ NOZE revealed her ideal type: “Looks cold, but is actually considerate and cute…”

It seems like dancer NOZE is in her heydey after appearing in “Street Woman Fighter”

While NOZE is capturing fans’ hearts regardless of age or gender, her ideal type that was once revealed is being recalled.

In September, NOZE started communicating with fans by answering questions through her Instagram account. When a fan asked what her ideal type was, NOZE shyly answered, “A man who looks cold on the outside but is considerate and cute.”

She even drew the attention by attaching a drawing of a cute character holding a flag with the phrase “There’s nothing wrong with being round and soft.”

street woman fighter noze

In response, netizens showed explosive reactions, such as, “NOZE likes herself”, “This makes me think of NOZE immediately”, “You mean ‘I’m in love with myself’?” Some fans pretended to be NOZE’s ideal type and made everyone laugh with their comments like “From now on, my name is ‘cute'”, “NOZE is looking for me.”

NOZE appeared on Mnet’s show “Street Woman Fighter” and gathered much attention by showing off her cat-like beauty and outstanding dancing skills. Although her crew was the first to have been eliminated from the program, she emerged as a blue-chip in the advertising world by signing CF contracts in various fields, such as food, cosmetics, and fashion.

street woman fighter noze

As much as the love she received, her brand value has also skyrocketed. Recently the Bridge Economy reported that NOZE’s brand value has increased by over 70 times. Two months ago, the advertisement fee to invite NOZE was only about 2 million won. However, after appearing in the show, she is rumored to have received up to 150 million won for a CF contract. People in the advertising industry estimated that NOZE had earned about 1 billion won through CF contracts.

street woman fighter noze

Source: Insight

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