April comes back to the entertainment industry after member Hyunjoo’s bully accusations

Girl group April is showing signs of resuming its activities.

On November 15th, April’s Kim Chae-won and Lee Jin-sol reportedly had a live broadcast on Kim Chae-won’s personal YouTube channel. In this broadcast, the idols revealed, “The other members are doing well, too. If you ask, everyone will probably say that they eat well and sleep well. Everyone welcomes us a lot and we miss you a lot, too. We have been laughing more these days. I think this is what you’re most curious about, but we’re doing really well. We laugh well and eat well.”

April comeback

News of member Yoon Chae-kyung‘s return was also reported on November 12th. Their agency DSP Media said, “Yoon Chae-kyung will appear in the play ‘Companion-Life is a trip,’ which will be performed from December 3 to December 4“. “Companion-Life is a trip” is a production that tells the story of errors occurring in heaven’s afterlife settlement office, and Yoon Chae-kyung plays the role of an angel in this office.

April comeback

April has been fighting for the truth over the “Lee Hyun-joo bullying controversy” since February. Lee Hyun-joo, her younger brother and alumni has been claiming that Lee Hyun-joo was bullied by April members, due to which she even tried to make an extreme choice.

In response, April members and agency DSP Media said those were “groundless accusations.” Rather, Lee Hyun-joo’s unexpected and selfish behavior often damaged the team, and the members were afraid of Lee Hyun-joo, so they could not bully her. However, controversy intensified as it was revealed that the photos presented by April members as evidence of their friendship were not actually taken in daily life but for a broadcast. On top of that, rumors of Lee Na-eun’s dating, school violence, and Lee Na-eun’s sister’s school violence were added, making the situation unfavorable for April.

April comeback

In the end, DSP Media and April members sued Lee Hyun-joo, her younger brother, and alumni. In response, Lee Hyun-joo broke the long silence and released her statement in September, saying that both her alumni and brother were cleared of defamation charges. However, there were calls for clarification here and there as she did not mention any of the suspicions raised after the disclosure.


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