FIFTY FIFTY Sets New Billboard Record Amidst Legal Dispute with Company 

FIFTY FIFTY’s hit song “Cupid” has been charting on Billboard Hot 100 for 15 consecutive weeks.

After becoming the fastest K-Pop artist to debut on Billboard Hot 100, FIFTY FIFTY has achieved another record, being the first K-Pop girl group to stay in the Top 15 for 15 consecutive weeks with just one song.

fifty fifty

This week, “Cupid” stays at No. 24 on Billboard Hot 100. The song is maintaining its momentum without any signs of decline.

“Cupid” also reaches a new peak on Billboard Pop Airplay, standing at No. 13 this week, setting a record for the highest ranking achieved by a K-Pop girl group.

fifty fifty

In addition to their success on Billboard charts, “Cupid” is also making waves on the official UK Singles chart. With a current position of No. 58, FIFTY FIFTY’s “Cupid” officially becomes the first song by a K-Pop girl group to stay in the Top 15 for 15 weeks.

These records are achieved amidst the ongoing legal dispute between FIFTY FIFTY and their management company, ATTRAKT. Specifically, all four members have filed lawsuits, asserting that the company has violated the terms of their contracts. Currently, both sides are awaiting the court’s ruling.

Source: K14. 

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