Kim Se Jeong recalled I.O.I’s New Year’s party, bought “this” because of Jeon Somi

On March 13th, actress Kim Se Jeong appeared on the fashion magazine Marie Claire’s YouTube channel and had time to reveal 10 favorite items.

kim se jeong

First, Kim Se Jeong drew attention by introducing several notebooks in her bag. Regarding the idea notebook, she said, “It’s a notebook that I write down whenever I have an idea related to my albums, but it’s a secret. If you’re curious about the albums, please listen to them later.

Next was the growth notebook. Kim Se Jeong explained, “It’s a notebook that I started again after writing it in the past. I write in there whenever I realize something. What I wrote recently is ‘Life is the sea and I’m a turtle. Don’t try to stay in one place. I’m a turtle that can breathe.‘”

kim se jeong

The last one was a diary. Kim Se Jeong shared, “I like to write a diary day by day. There are long diaries and short calendars. So I carry a total of 5 notebooks.

Another item was a camcorder to record memories. Kim Se Jeong confessed, “I originally had a really small digital camera other than this one. However, all my I.O.I friends had a New Year’s party together in January. Somi brought a camera this big and took pictures. When I asked ‘It’s so pretty. Where did you buy it?’, she told me the website. There were so many pretty cameras there. I bought it because I was tempted.

Besides, Kim Se Jeong drew attention by introducing her favorite items such as lip balm, sneakers and hats.

Source: Nate

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