Lee Hyun-joo “I am handling well the DSP lawsuit, please stop the malicious comments towards April”

Lee Hyun-joo, a former member of the group April, revealed her recent situation after being sued by DSP Media.

On the afternoon of June 18, through SNS, Lee Hyun-joo said, “My younger brother who was accused is still a student, so the whole family is concentrating on responding to the case. I have not received any contact from the police yet, but I got what I was being sued through the report, and in the future, I think we will have to prepare to deal with the complaints together. I’m well aware that many people are worried and supporting me. I sincerely thank you. I am handling it well so far and I think in the future I will do it well too.”

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Although she is claiming to have been bullied by April members, she asked to cease malicious comments towards the members. Lee Hyeon-joo said; “Recently, so much has happened. But I know better than anyone that criticism or malicious comments cause the people involved painful and difficult experiences. I am living very well now, but looking at the recent situation, my first thought is it reminds me of the time when I was sick in both body and mind. I have no intention of returning the pain I suffered to anyone else.”

She added, “Everybody screws up. If you admit your mistake, try to correct it. And if you’re able to forgive it, it can be called a mistake. So, I earnestly ask you to stop criticizing the members and acquaintances” .

That was the case when Lee Hyun-joo recently claimed that she was bullied by April members, and her agency DSP Media, as expected, ignored it. In relation to this case, Lee Hyun-joo’s younger brother just posted an article claiming damage on an online bulletin board, and DSP Media sued the two, saying that both Lee Hyun-joo and her brother’s allegations were groundless.

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April members Na-eun Lee, Jin-sol Lee, and Chae-won Kim recently posted on the fan cafe one after another, explaining that they had never bullied Lee Hyun-joo. The truth is expected to be revealed through further investigation.

Source: Nate

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