Two actresses are building anticipation with their upcoming drama appearances: Younger version of “The Glory” Park Yeon Jin returns as the leading lady for a period drama 

1. Shin Ye Eun (The Secret Romantic Guesthouse)

Shin Ye Eun was born in 1998 and is one of the most attention-grabbing actresses in Korea because of her innocent image and impressive acting performances. After her role as the high-school version of Park Yeon Jin in “The Glory,” Shin Ye Eun is even more sought after in the industry. Forthcomingly, the actress is returning as the leading lady in the period drama “The Secret Romantic Guesthouse.”

Shin Ye Eun

She plays Yoon Dan Oh, the youngest daughter of a family who once enjoyed a comfortable life. But now, she runs Ihwawon Inn and is the main provider of the family. The guests at Ihwawon Inn are scholars who came to Hanyang to take the exam to become a ranking official, three of which are Kang San (Ryeo Un), Kim Shi Yeol (Kang Hoon) and Jung Yoo Ha (Jung Gun-Joo). One day, the lives of these four individuals are turned upside down when Dan Oh receives an offer stating that her entire debt will be wiped out if she is able to find Lee Sool, the oldest son of the deposed crown prince. 

2. Bona (Joseon Attorney)

After her success as the second female lead Ko Yu Rim in “Twenty Five, Twenty One,” Bona is making a comeback as the female lead in the period drama “Joseon Attorney.” In the drama, Bona transforms into Princess Lee Yeon Joo, a woman who cares deeply for the fate of her country and people. She has a special relationship with Kang Han Soo (Woo Do Hwan), a young man determined to become a lawyer to avenge the death of his mother. 


Despite being an idol-turned-actress and having a relatively moderate list of existing works, Bona has shown a capable side of her actor self. Moreover, viewers are also confident about her visuals, stating it to be well-suited for a historical role. Let’s see what the actress has in store for us! 

Source: K14

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