Kim Jong Kook announced that he will not be single in 2019, Dispatch reacts: “Is this man serious?”

Even Dispatch – the site that knows Korean stars relationship like the back of its hand also doubts about Kim Jong Kook’s announcement on Running Man.

In the episode aired on January 13, as announced, Running Man held an internal press conference to review the dating news of Lee Kwang Soo. After congratulating Lee Kwang Soo for finding a beautiful girlfriend, people began to draw attention on Kim Jong Kook and his love plans in the future.

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Kim Jong Kook said that his plan is to date in 2019 and get married in 2020 – “Do you think I will marry this year? I am trying to date now so that I can get married the following year “. However, when the Running Man members offered matchmaking, Kim Jong Kook refused, because according to him” The pressure of a matchmaking date is too intense for me. I would prefer meeting other people naturally.”

Unfortunately, there were a lot of people didn’t believe in Kim Jong Kook’s statement, typically Dispatch. The site even shared an article titled: “Runing Man Kim Jong Kook, thinking about dating this year, getting married next year” with the caption full of skepticism: “Is this man serious?”

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Although Dispatch is an expert in hunting and publishing dating news of Korean stars, they have to give up on Kim Jong Kook. On My Ugly Duckling, Haha revealed the failure of this newspaper when they tried to follow Jong Kook

“Dispatch used to follow Jong Kook but then they gave up. His schedule is just to the gym, to the office and so on. It took Dispatch months and finally they did not get anything “.

Is this the reason that makes Kim Jong Kook announcement unbelievable for Dispatch reporters?

Source: KLive

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