Goo Hye Sun’s Youthful Transformation into a College Student and Pursuit of Acting Beyond at 39

People can’t stop praising Goo Hye Sun for looking unbelievably young, even when she is entering her 40s

Just recently, at the age of 39, Goo Hye Sun gained attention by sharing a bunch of pictures in a college student get-up. And it’s not some character she’s playing, but just a peek into her everyday life. She revealed that she’s gearing up to graduate from university.

goo hye sun

Looking at the pics Goo Hye Sun posted, fans can’t help but be blown away by how she looks way younger than her age, especially with skin that shows zero signs of aging. Goo Hye Sun even looks believable as a legit college student in her 20s.

Goo Hye Sun got into Sungkyunkwan University back in 2011, but her studies got derailed thanks to her busy work schedules. In 2020, post a series of personal life dramas, Goo Hye Sun decides to go back to school. She’s majoring in Film and Television, and is set to officially graduate come December.

When the news broke that Goo Hye Sun is finishing up her studies at 39, netizens sent her congratulations. In her career, beyond being Geum Jan-di in “Boys Over Flowers,” Goo Hye Sun hasn’t had many standout roles. Her acting has taken some hits for being a bit stiff. Now, after her studies, it seems like Goo Hye Sun is genuinely serious about taking her acting to the next level.

Source: K14

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