Based on the achievements on weekly music shows, netizens believe that (G)I-DLE is truly leading the 4th generation of Kpop.

Only this Kpop girl group achieved this achievement after 4 years

On January 11, (G) I-DLE made their comeback with the 4th mini-album titled “I Burn” and title track “HWAA”.  Although there is still a lot of controversy surrounding the oriental concept that the group pursues, it cannot be denied that “HWAA” deserves to be one of (G) I-DLE’s most successful music products since their debut. 

Not only achieved impressive achievements in the album and digital sales but (G) I-DLE also made a special mark on weekly music shows.  Cube’s girl-group has completely dominated music shows in the past 2 weeks and so far they have won 10 trophies just during the promotion of their new song “HWAA”.

Most notably, “HWAA” recently helped (G) I-DLE establish an achievement that not every girl group can do.  On February 4th, the girl group from Cube Entertainment won Mnet’s “M Countdown” with a score of 7,173, surpassing Golden Child’s “Burn It”.  This is the 10th victory in (G) I-DLE’s latest promotions, and also the first Triple Crown the group has achieved in their career.

The trophy on “M! Countdown” this week helped (G) I-DLE become the first not-under-BIG3 girl group to achieve Triple Crown on music shows in the past 4 years.  The last time a not-under-BIG3 girl group won Triple Crown was in 2017 when MAMAMOO released the song “Yes I Am”.

(G) I-DLE is truly leading the 4th generation of Kpop.

Meanwhile, on February 5, (G) I-DLE released a powerful remixed version of the title track “HWAA” featuring DJ EDM Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike.  This remix version combines both English and Korean lyrics with a vibrant EDM beat.  The newly released remix also marks the first time that (G) I-DLE has collaborated with foreign artists.

Sources: Tinnhac

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