11 years with Girls’ Generation Sooyoung, Jung Kyung Ho said “Love gets stronger as time goes by”

On March 13th, the fashion magazine Esquire released an interview with actor Jung Kyung Ho.

jung kyung ho

In the video, when asked if he believes in eternal love, Jung Kyung Ho replied, “Of course I do. I believe that love gets stronger as time goes by.

He said, “A ring feels like an oath to love for a lifetime. I think that’s why people choose rings when they pledge eternal love.

Jung Kyung Ho, who started dating Choi Sooyoung in 2012, officially acknowledged his romantic relationship in 2014 and is showing his romantic side.

He often leaves comments on Choi Sooyoung’s SNS or goes on street dates with her.

SNSD Sooyoung

Regarding commenting publicly on SNS, Jung Kyung Ho expressed his affection, “I think I wrote down what I really wanted to say.

He added, “It’s been a long time and we have many memories. I’ve been with this person for the past 10 years, so she’s the person I talk to the most and also the only person I share things like that with.

Previously, when asked about his marriage plan with Choi Sooyoung, Jung Kyung Ho carefully mentioned his view of marriage, “We’ll get married when the time comes. We haven’t talked about it in detail yet.

Source: Insight

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