“Stay happy even without us”, BTS Jungkook shed tears and left a meaningful comment on live broadcast,

Jungkook held a live broadcast on Weverse at around 9 p.m. on March 14th. During the live, he changed his clothes three times and sang different songs while communicating with ARMYs happily.

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Members RM and J-Hope also joined the livestream and left various comments for fans. In particular, RM commented, “Please produce songs quickly and release an album”, encouraging Jungkook’s album activities.

After a while, Jungkook began to wipe away tears and stared at the screen full of purple heart comments sent by ARMYs. After staring at the screen without saying anything, he wiped his tears several times and confessed, “Everyone, I already said this in the ‘Thanks to’, right? I will try my best until I come and reach you all”.

Jungkook continued, “Everyone, please be happy. Please stay happy even without us. I don’t have many chances to say this. A-fo-Bang-fo (ARMY forever, BANGTAN forever)”.

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Right after Jungkook’s tearful live broadcast ended, keywords and hashtags related to him, such as #JUNGKOOK, #AfoBangfo #Jungkookie Live #Our Jungkookie, etc., dominated the real-time trending searches in Korea.

ARMYs who watched Jungkook’s live broadcast on different SNS sites, including Twitter, poured out supportive messages such as “Jungkook, please always be happy. I love you”, “Don’t cry, our precious Jungkook. A-fo-Bang-fo”, “I hope all the love and support from fans all over the world can reach Jungkook”, “Jungkook ah, my teenage years were filled with memories about BTS. Thanks to that, I have gained the courage to live and enjoy my life”, and “I’m happy because I met you, Jungkook. I don’t need anything. Let’s stay together till the end”.

Jungkook’s broadcast received keen interest and gained up to 10 million live-streaming viewers.

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Regarding Jungkook’s meaningful remark during the live, an official from Big Hit Music said on the phone with Sports Hankook, “It seems like he was referring to the situation where the members are currently not doing group activities and focusing on individual activities. He got emotional while talking to ARMYs.”

When asked if Jungkook planned to enlist within this year, the official said, “Except for Jin, who is already serving in the military, and J-Hope, who has applied for the cancellation of his enlistment postponement, the exact dates of other BTS members’ enlistment have not been scheduled. However, as we previously announced, BTS’s enlistment process is currently ongoing. If the rest of the members also apply to cancel their enlistment postponement, we will release official notices.”

Source: Nate

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