Hyoyeon “You can take the money inside, just give me my wallet back”… Explain report method

Hyoyeon became a hot topic as she expressed her upset feelings after losing her wallet.

On August 26th, Girls’ Generation Hyoyeon wrote through her Instagram story, “I’m looking for my wallet… It’s my most cherished wallet… Where did you go, wallet?… You can take the money inside, just give me my wallet back.”

She added, “If you’re busy, just read this. 1. Take out the credit card from the wallet you picked up, call the customer center on the credit card and connect to the counselor. 2. Tell the counselor the fact that you picked up the wallet and the card number you picked up. 3. The counselor informs the owner of the wallet the contact information of the person who acquired it, then the owner of the wallet calls the person who acquired it.

Regarding this, fans left comments such as “I hope you find your wallet”, “You must be so upset”, “Please go back to your owner, wallet”

Meanwhile, Hyoyeon recently made headlines by revealing that she lost 9kg.

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