SM to hold free online concert and release SMTOWN winter album through “SMCU EXPRESS” project

SM Entertainment (hereinafter referred to as SM) will launch a comprehensive content project called “SMTOWN 2022 : SMCU EXPRESS”, which allows you to enjoy performances, albums and exhibitions at once.

Under the concept of “SMCU EXPRESS“, the “SMTOWN 2022” project will expand the artists’ worldview which is newly named “Metaversal Origin Story” by producer Lee Soo-man based on SMCU (SM Culture Universe). In order to comprehensively experience the future contents of the metaverse viewed by producer Lee Soo-man and SM, not only performances but also albums and exhibitions will be presented in advance.

SMTOWN LIVE“, which will be held on January 1, has taken place in major cities around the world since 2008, setting various records as well as kicking off SM‘s super-massive virtual nation MUSIC NATION SMTOWN through “KWANGYA“. 

In particular, this time’s concert is expected to be free to console and convey hope to fans around the world who are exhausted due to the prolonged COVID-19. It will be broadcast worldwide through YouTube, the newly launched global platform Beyond LIVE as well as the LG U+ Idol Live app/web.

Prior to this, “2021 Winter SMTOWN : SMCU EXPRESS”, which will be released on December 27, is SM’s first SMTOWN winter album in 10 years since 2011. You can enjoy not only songs but also member combinations that have not been seen anywhere else. The album will be available for pre-orders from December 10.

In addition, the media content exhibition “SMTOWN EXPERIENCE : PLAY@KWANGYA”, which begins on December 30, is expected to attract music fans by playing video contents that allow them to check the project at a glance using the LED electronic display located on the first floor of SM’s new building in Seongsu.

On the other hand, the “SMTOWN 2022 : SMCU EXPRESS” concept poster, which was released on December 10 through SMTOWN’s official SNS accounts, drew attention as it contained an artist lineup marking the start of a special project that can enjoy performances, albums and exhibitions at once.

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